Top 5 Health Benefits Of Using Hemp Seed Oil

You heard about hemp seed oil and how much benefits it has to give but what can it do for you? Here are the top 5 benefits hemp seed oil can offer and additional other health benefits. 


Reduce the risk of heart disease 

The fatty acids had been noted to reduce a range of heart conditions. a few studies mention hemp seed oil prevent blood clotting, strokes. It may offer protection against clot induced strokes, myocardial infractions. Hemp seed oil also contains tocopherols to reduce the risk of degenerative heart diseases.


Health for the heart

The polyunsaturated fatty acids aids in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol;  it keeps the heart healthy and prevents the build up of arterial plaque that results in heart attacks and strokes. It also contains arginine which produce nitric oxide in expanding blood vessels and decrease hypertension. 


Balances Hormones

One of the omega 6 fatty acids called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) can be described as essential building block for prostaglandins, hormone like chemicals in the body which smooth muscles, maintain inflammation and body temperature
and supporting other body functions.



Are you stressed? Hemp seed oil is high in magnesium which acts as a natural compound against stress as it supports the neurotransmitter functions in the body which also reduce anxiety and depression 


Give the Immune System A Boost

The fatty acids (omega 3 & 6) aids the immune system and various autoimmune diseases through gene regulation, production of cytokines, antioxidant enzymes and signal transduction pathways. Zinc also regulates the breakdown of carbohydrates in the body which protects it against inflammation by producing immune suppressive effects and freeing radicals.


At Amberstalk, we ensure all our hemp seed oils are 100% cold pressed, locally sourced in the UK with the finest hemp seeds from our supplier so we can offer you a premium product with the highest quality and nutritional value.